Swan Reach believes strongly that every student should be provided with the opportunity to learn a second language.
  For many years now, Swan Reach has been able to secure the expertise of a very experienced and well respected local Japanese teacher. Students from Foundation to Grade Six participate in weekly Japanese sessions. This has allowed our students to have a consistent, thoroughly planned program that not only develops language acquisition, but promotes an understanding and tolerance of other cultures and people from around the world.

Here is a letter from a Japanese student who you may want to communicate with.
 Hi Julie and Tess,
  Would you please put a link to my blog site on the Swan Reach PS website ? It could go under the Japanese page, or any other appropriate place.
  I use this blog site to direct students' learning. Recently, the students had to follow a link to Quizlet from my blog site. The blog site has been bookmarked on the school laptops, but it would be easier if a student wants to work more from their home computer.
  Thank you very much, Etsuko