Community Links

Swan Reach Primary School engages with many community groups and organisations, all of which help provide rich and meaningful learning experiences for our students.
 Our school regularly participates in sporting, curriculum and camping activities as part of the TUBBS School Cluster, which consists of Tambo Upper, Bruthen, Buchan, Swan Reach, Metung and Nungurner Primary Schools. These connections allow our students to collaborate, interact and socialise and help prepare transitional pathways and friendships through to Secondary School.
 We grasp opportunities to connect with other local schools. Lakes Entrance Secondary College has been a particularly important partner over the past few years, with a number of their more senior students visiting to lead science and literacy based activities for our whole school. On other occasions, our senior students have visited Lakes to participate in on campus science activities. We value these opportunities, as they provide excellent learning experiences for all students.
 For a number of years, students in the senior classroom have been participating in regular Bridge lessons run by experienced educators and volunteers from the Bairnsdale Bridge Club.
  Bridge is the one of the most popular card games in the world and is becoming increasingly popular in schools as it helps children to identify numbers, similarities and sequences. Research indicates benefits include improving numeracy skills, problem solving, memory, concentration and lateral thinking. Students enjoy the mental challenge - and sometimes winning. However, because it is a partnership game, they also learn to co-operate, share information, combine as a team and learn to strategize.

 A number of community groups regularly visit the school to connect with students and provide a range of sports and safety workshops. Some of the many groups and activities include - Lifesaving Victoria, Hockey Victoria, Responsible Pet Ownership Program, Tennis Australia, Life Education Australia, Cyber Safety (Victoria Police). 
  The 5/6 Grade were very lucky to be involved in an intensive project of rocket building with pre and post-graduate students from Melbourne based universities – some of whom were undertaking their PhD in aeronautical engineering. The opportunity was fantastic and demonstrated how powerful hands on learning with ‘real-life’ experts can be.
 Thanks to our connection with Metung Primary (another local TUBBS school), Swan Reach students participated in a wonderful hands program called Bug Blitz. Held on location in Nungurner, the two day hands on event involved specialist experts (such as entomologists and indigenous presenters), providing hands on activities directly related to the marine and terrestrial environment of the East Gippsland Lakes area.
  At Swan Reach Primary School we believe connecting students with events and practicing experts such as these, provides an exciting and motivating force that will hopefully stimulate student interest in further studies in the future.