Swan Reach Primary School follows a sun safety philosophy in relation to school uniforms.
  Uniforms are compulsory all year round. This policy came about after extensive surveying of families. If a student is out of uniform, parents are required to send a note of explanation. If a student does not bring a note, a notice may be sent home.
  Uniforms can be purchased through Nick’s in Bairnsdale (lay-by options available) or items in the same colours may be purchased elsewhere. Students will also be required to wear the red Swan Reach School hat which is also available at Nick’s.
  If you are having problems with the purchasing of uniform items, please don’t hesitate to contact the school. Pre-loved or donated uniform items are often available in the office foyer at no charge.
 We have a compulsory school uniform of red polo shirts and red jumpers with black shorts, pants, leggings or skirts. Jeans are not acceptable.
  Grade Six students have a special custom-printed leadership shirt.
 Broadbrim and bucket hats (preferably in red or black) are compulsory in Terms 1 and 4. Children without hats must stay under the cover area during recesses and lunchtimes. Students without hats are not allowed inside during recesses or lunchtimes to encourage them to bring the correct uniform.
 Please ensure your students wear suitable footwear to school. Open toed shoes do not provide sufficient safety.